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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Christmas in July 2021: Bunk'd (2015)


Bunk'd is set at Camp Kikiwaka.


Happy Christmas in July! It's Day #15 of the Christmas in July party. All month long I'll be celebrating Christmas TV episodes, specials, and movies with a FUN IN THE SUN attitude. Expect a run of Christmas in July stories, tropical yuletides, and island themes. Just a little something different and a way for me to show off the diversity of holiday stories I've collected in the encyclopedia Tis the Season TV (the updated and expanded 2nd edition being released later this year). 

This week I'm sharing summer camp yuletide stories. Today's Christmas in July episode is from the Disney series Bunk'd--a spin-off of Jessie. Bunk'd is still in production and they already have three summer time Christmas episodes. The first one is 2015's "Secret Santa" from season one. 


Santa Claus is played by Harrison White.

In "Secret Santa," Xander, Zuri, Jorge, and Tiffany are lost in the woods on a hike when they come across a cranky man living in a remote cabin. Jorge and Tiffany are convinced the man is Santa Claus, and they set out to make him feel the joy of Christmas again. Back at camp, it’s the annual gift exchange between counselors. Lou and Emma take bad advice from Ravi about what to gifts give each other.

The cast includes Peyton List as Emma, Karan Brar as Ravi, Kevin Quinn as Xander, Nathan Arenas as Jorge, Nina Lu as Tiffany, and Harrison White as Santa Claus. Harrison may look familiar--he's in the new series Underground Railroad right now.


This series, as I mentioned above, also includes two more Christmas at summer camp episodes--2016's "How the Griff Stole Christmas," and 2019's "Summer Winter Wonderland."

Our Christmas in July party will continue all month long. Got another favorite summer camp Christmas episode? There's more to come. Feel free to leave comments down below.


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