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Sunday, July 15, 2012

SCI-FI Christmas in July Recap

Have you been following along with our Christmas in July celebration?  I hope you're having as much fun as I am.  So far we've been sharing some of our favorite science fiction/fantasy Christmas entertainments.  Not only am I writing a few posts but I'm hosting quite a few guest writers this month as well.  Just to help you get all caught up, I've linked to all our sci-fi posts so far this month:

We're only half way through the month of July.  What Christmas episodes, specials and movies that are science fiction themed have we not discussed yet?  There are certainly more stories than we can cover in just one month on the blog.  Did you know that my first book The Christmas TV Companion has an entire chapter devoted to science fiction Christmas entertainments?  Of course you knew that.  

Now on sale as e-book and in paperback.

Stick around because we have two more full weeks of July and we're only getting started.  We still have several people sharing their favorite Doctor Who Christmas episodes!  Why did no one volunteer to write about the Star Wars Holiday Special?  Is no one brave enough?

What's your favorite sci-fi Christmas story?  Contact me if you want to share it.

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